Blog posts of '2016' 'March'

Fünke Canadien Saison to pour at CBC

Fünke Canadien, a collaboration between Sudwerk Brewing Co. of Davis, CA and BSG’s Peter Hoey, has returned for a second year.   

This open-fermented, Brettanomyces-finished saison will be released locally at the Pangaea Café on April 1, and will also be featured at BSG’s beer station at the Craft Brewers Conference in Philadelphia in May.

Brewery Local: Red Clay Brewing

Red Clay Brewing

Opelika, Alabama

Population: 28,635


When Robert Trent Jones saw the land that hugs the edge of Lake Saugahatchee that would be developed into his Grand National course, he described it as the “single greatest” site for a golf complex that he had ever seen. It’s no wonder then that in 2005 Golf Digest named the Auburn-Opelika Metropolis as the number one area for golf in the United States.

Of course, when you’re hitting the links, nothing goes better with a sunny day on the fairway than a beer or two; especially if you shank most of your balls into the water hazard like we do. Thus, we packed up our golf cart and headed down to Opelika, Alabama to visit the crew at Red Clay Brewing.

Newly opened in March 2015, Red Clay is already making an impact on the local beer scene and head brewer Kerry McGinnis fills us in on their story.

Brewery Local: Peoria Artisan Brewery

Peoria Artisan Brewery

Litchfield Park, Arizona (Original location)

Population: 5,306 

Peoria, Arizona (Second location)

Population: 162,592


In 1916 as part of the war effort, the Goodyear Tire and Rubber Company sent executive Paul W. Litchfield to buy up land west of Phoenix to grow Egyptian long cotton that was used to reinforce tires. Paul Litchfield established the headquarters here for the Southwest Cotton Company and this company town was officially named Litchfield Park in 1926.

Among the palm and orange trees that scatter the landscape, nestled in between the miles of pathways and charming sidewalk cafes, Peioria Artisan Brewery's Litchfield Taproom serves up thirst quenching beer to fight the dry desert heat. With a humble nano-brew system and strength from unconditional friendship, something magical caught on with craft beers lovers and locals.  

Less than two years after opening, Peoria Artisan Brewing expanded to a second location. With a dedication to hand-crafting brews without additives or chemicals or other “tricks of the trade” it's easy to see why they have attained such early success. Co-owner Matt Frosch tells us what makes Peoria Artisan Brewing special.