Blog posts of '2015' 'April'

Rahr Corporation’s Shakopee, Minn., Location to Expand Malting Capacity

Rahr Corporation, along with Rahr Malting Co. and Brewers Supply Group are happy to announce Rahr Corporation’s expansion plans.

The plans include the construction of four new facilities: a malt house, pilot brewery and technical center, maintenance warehouse, and distribution center. New parking, green space, ponding, and other site improvements are also part of the plan.

Rahr 50lb. Bagged Malt – information now printed on gusset of bag

Starting on April 9th, Rahr will begin printing the lot code, date code, product name and product sku directly onto the gusset of the bags. The colored tag will still be attached, but there will no longer be standard analysis/certificate of analysis (COA) information listed on the tag.