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    2014, July

    Employee Profile: Grant McDonough
    Employee Profile: Grant McDonough

    Name: Grant McDonough

    Position: Sales Manager – Northeast Region

    Office you work out of: Home office in Narberth, PA., My car, or closest WiFi connection.

    Where were you born or from: I was born in West Union, Iowa. I had a good run in Minneapolis though and would partially claim that as home.

    It's Time to Brew that Oktoberfest!
    It's Time to Brew that Oktoberfest!

    Whether you’re sticking to the Reinheitsgebot (German Purity Law of 1516) or want to make your own twist on the Oktoberfest Märzen style lager, BSG CraftBrewing can provide you with the ingredients you need to brew this long-time enjoyed beer. So, unless you’ve stuck to German tradition and have had your Oktoberfest already aging in a cave or cellar to be enjoyed at the end of summer, then you better get to brewing!