Blog posts of '2014' 'May'

Employee Profile: John Guzmán


Name:  John Guzmán

Position:  Business Manager Brewing Ingredients

Office you work out of:  TEXAS - AKA God’s Country

Employee Profile: Judy Nadeau

Judy Nadaeu

Name: Judy Nadeau

Position: Sales Manager - New England and New York

Office you work out of: 250 Niantic Ave. Providence, RI

BSG CraftBrewing’s visit to Crisp Malting Group

German Raking

On a recent trip across the pond to the UK, BSG CraftBrewing’s John Guzman – Southern US Sales Manager, Chris German - Midwest Sales Manager, Laura Hansen - Director of Supply Chain and I had the pleasure of visiting Crisp Malting Group at their Great Ryburgh malting facility, visiting the Maris Otter “Mother-field”, and taking in the sites of Cambridge while enjoying some stellar UK beers.  

Employee Profile: Peter Hoey

Peter Hoey

Name: Peter Hoey

Position: Technical Sales Representative

Office you work out of: Home or Hotel, depending on the travel schedule that week.

Employee Profile: Chris German

Chris German

Name: Chris German

Postion: Midwest Sales Manager

Office you work out of: Shakopee, MN

Candico - Belgian Candi

Candico Candi Sugar

Sourced directly from Belgium, BSG CraftBrewing offers authentic Belgian Candi Sugars in your choice of syrup, rock, or soft.

Belgians have been using Candico sugar since the 15th century, and with amazing success. It was used mainly for flavor enhancement but the trend in strong beers during the 19th century saw its popularity increase. Today, it has many uses. Suitable for use in many beer styles as well as different points in process, these sugars deliver extract, color, and flavor that simply cannot be duplicated.