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Beverage Analysis Package D: Non-Hopped

The advanced beverage package provides the same analyses as the basic package plus color and total/titratable acidity (TA). Suitable for cider, seltzer, kombucha, and sour beers. Total/titratable acidity (TA) measures acidity by titrating a sample with a standardized base to a pH end point. TA is expressed as g/L acid equivalents or as a % acid equivalent and should not be confused with expression of hydrogen ion concentration by pH. TA is reported in applicable acid equivalents - malic acid for cider, citric acid for seltzer, lactic acid for sours, or acetic acid equivalents for kombucha.

Adv non hop bev alaysis
Alcohol by Weight (ABW)
ASBC Beer-4G
Alcohol by Volume (ABV)
ASBC Beer-4G
ASBC Beer-9
Specific Gravity (SG)
ASBC Beer-4G
Apparent Extract (AE)
ASBC Beer-4G
Real Extract (RE)
ASBC Beer-4G
Real Degree of Fermentation (RDF)
ASBC Beer-4G
ASBC Beer-4G
ASBC Beer-10A
Total Acidity (TA)
ASBC Beer-8A


TA affects taste and positively correlates to the perception of acidity, snappiness, sourness, tartness, etc. in a wide range of beverages including sour beer, cider, seltzer, kombucha. This package provides fermentation information along with an evaluation of titratable acidity for a cider, seltzer, kombucha or sour beer.

Beverage analysis package test summary