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Beverage Analysis Package B: Intermediate

The intermediate beverage package provides the same analyses as the basic package, plus color and bitterness (IBU).

Int Beer and Hopped Bev alc analysis package
Alcohol by Weight (ABW)
ASBC Beer-4G
Alcohol by Volume (ABV)
ASBC Beer-4G
ASBC Beer-9
Specific Gravity (SG)
ASBC Beer-4G
Apparent Extract (AE)
ASBC Beer-4G
Real Extract (RE)
ASBC Beer-4G
Real Degree of Fermentation (RDF)
ASBC Beer-4G
ASBC Beer-4G
Bitterness (IBU)
ASBC Beer-23A
Color °SRM
ASBC Beer-10A


This set of tests provides a comprehensive analysis for a final beer package release and is appropriate for all beers and hopped beverages.

Many smaller breweries lack the analytical equipment required for proper determination of alcohol, residual extract, calories, hop bitterness, and color. Whether looking to benchmark in-house analyses, obtain proper values to compare to estimates, or simply to outsource this important battery of tests, this package is a great option for a wide range of producers.

Beverage analysis package test summary