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    Dingemans Aroma 60

    An excellent addition to the brewer's toolkit for flavor stability, color, mouthfeel, and malt flavor.

    Dingemans Aromatic Malt

    Strong malt aroma and deep reddish color when used at up to 30% of the grist.

    Dingemans Munich Malt

    Gives pronounced malty flavor and aroma with an orange-amber color.

    Dingemans Pale Ale

    Dingemans Pale Ale gives beer a golden color and rich flavor thanks to longer kilning.

    Dingemans Pilsen

    Dingemans Pilsen is a versatile Belgian base malt for any type of beer.

    Dingemans Rye Malt

    Spicy/herbal flavor with enhanced mouthfeel for traditional Saison and hazy IPA.

    Dingemans Wheat Malt

    Use for head retention and body in any beer, or at up to 70% for wheat beer and hazy styles.