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    American hops have driven the craft beer revolution for the last 30 years.  Certain standards like Nugget, Summit™, and Willamette have held up, and are still in demand today.  Others like Cascade and Centennial have seen explosive usage, with no end in sight.  The popularity of West Coast IPAs has driven the emergence of Amarillo®, Citra®, and CTZ among others.  Newcomers like Azacca™ and El Dorado™ are quickly becoming hot commodities as well.  American hops define our community, they define American craft beer, and they speak to the essence of what craft beer is about. Whether it's a humble hop that is often overlooked, or a trendy variety, BSG CraftBrewing can meet your needs and help supply you with the American varieties that help shape and define your beers.

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    Fruity and unmistakable - Amarillo® is an American original.


    Named for the Haitian god of agriculture, Azacca® boasts an intense tropical fruit profile.


    Cascade: still a classic. No other hop has done more for craft beer.


    Cashmere is versatile dual purpose hop that brings complex aromas of citrus and tropical fruit to the front.


    Versatile with pungent citrus overtones, Centennial is almost synonymous with American craft beer.

    Challenger (US)

    A true all-rounder and team player for producing classic English ales.


    Chinook: high alpha, big flavor.


    Citra® contributes unmistakable, lush tropical and fruit notes.


    America’s original hop is still the one for throwback and historical recipes.


    Punchy and bright tangerine and grapefruit citrus gives way to secondary lemon grass, eucalyptus, and floral notes.


    Crystal gives a sweet floral, spicy aroma and gentle bitterness.


    Citrus collides with pungent spice for an intense late hop contribution.


    Formerly known as Equinox, Ekuanot® is a multifaceted finishing hop combining high oil content with strong impressions of citrus, fruit, and herbs.

    El Dorado®

    El Dorado® supplies exceptional aroma characteristics with high alpha acids.


    A high-alpha American variety with great bittering power, pleasant aroma, and lots of character.

    American Hops