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American Style Lager: The Democratically Elected Head of Beer

The American Style lager, the beer of backyard BBQs and baseball. The beer of our parents and grandparents and likely the first beer you tasted and then tasted a little too much of. It’s one of the most popular beer styles, brewed by some of the biggest breweries and it’s also about as American as […]

IPA Is Still Cool, Right? Cold IPA Revisited

Since we first wrote about Cold IPAs a year ago they’ve become much more common on taplists, retail shelves, and in the beer blogosphere. This summer we’re coming in hot to revisit Cold IPA: what it is, what it isn’t, and what makes it go. What it is Cold IPA fuses classic West Coast IPA […]

The Chilly & The Crispy – What’s A Cold IPA?

It’s common in the craftbrewing industry for new trends to emerge from the creative brainwaves of brewers. One of the latest emerging trends however, has left people scratching their heads. Meet the Cold IPA.

When Crispy Met Hazy: Remember Brut IPA?

With the second coming of the Roaring Twenties this summer, Brut IPA is ripe for rediscovery as an easy seasonal that won’t disrupt production schedules, a low-carb differentiator for taproom guests, and a common ground for devotees of both hazies and crispy bois.

Introducing Gambrinus Honey Malted Oats

Gambrinus Honey Malted Oats came about by combining the best of two great things: the flavor characteristics of Gambrinus Honey Malt and the ongoing popularity of New England-style and hazy IPAs. Using Rahr Malted Oats and Gambrinus Honey Malt as product controls, the team at the Rahr Technical Center worked to home in on the […]

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Mashing: cereal vs. malt

The first step in producing spirit from cereal grains is mashing. Style, equipment and tradition may influence the choice of process, but the raw materials themselves will be the biggest factor. The distiller must make the right decision based on the ingredients.