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Customer Profile: DC Brau and Weyermann Barke® Malts

BSG is the exclusive distributor of Weyermann® Barke® malts to brewers in North America. This heirloom barley once enjoyed the highest reputation among German brewers and was the most widely used barley variety. Barke® brings an intense malt flavor, full-body and helps promote conditions for improved head retention. 

Around the World with Weyermann®: A Tour of Terroir and Heirloom Malts

Way back in 1879, the same year Edison invented the light bulb in New Jersey, Johann Baptist Weyermann pitched a tent and fired up a malt-roasting drum in Bamberg, Germany. The world’s been a brighter place ever since. What was true 143 years ago remains true today: Great beer comes from great ingredients. With their […]

Bad Weather, Great Lagers

Bad Weather Brewing Company of St. Paul, MN has built a reputation on their flavorful ales like flagships Ominous (a double brown ale) and Windvane (a red IPA). Recently, though, they’ve added a series of German lagers to their lineup that…

Winning with Weyermann® Specialty Malts

GABF medal winners tell us how it feels to win with Weyermann®.

Talking Malts, Medals, and Metal with Ghost Town Brewing

Get to Know Oakland CA’s Ghost Town Brewing, 2022 GABF Brewery of the Year

Holy Beer! Praise and Glory to the Trappist

Although religious devotion to beer may seem like a modern phenomenon unique to millennials and the craft movement, beer and religion have been connected as long as well…beer and religion. Whether in celebration or condemnation, beer has always played a role in humanity’s spiritual life. In fact, some of the earliest brewers were monks and […]

Springtime Means It’s Bock o’Clock

Just as surely as the early Spring sun replaces snow with slush, the first breath of warm weather tends to turn some brewers’ minds toward Maibock. Maibock, of course, is what our friends in Germany call a strong lager consumed during the month of May. You gotta love it – they have a clever word […]

Inside Weyermann®- An Interview with Axel Jany

Meet Axel Jany, International Customer Consultant for Weyermann® Specialty Malt. BSG got the chance to catch up with him and dive deep into his role at Weyermann®, his experience in brewing, what interests him, and a peek into the heart of Weyermann® malts. 

Weyermann® Isaria 1924® in the Brewhouse: Ecliptic Brewing Maibock

Isaria 1924® is a new heirloom malt from Weyermann® first developed in Bavaria in 1912 and approved for commercial use in 1924, making it the oldest certified German brewing barley variety. Isaria was very popular with German brewers during first half of the 20th century, contributing its genes to many successful descendants. Now, thanks to […]